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Trusted Motorola Mobile Repair Services in Edmonton

MotorolaMotorola devices are known to be sturdy and long lasting but they are still vulnerable to a lot of damage and malfunctioning issues. At Mobile Solutions, we repair all models, from the older models, to the latest Moto G and Moto X models. Our services are reliable and guaranteed. We will reach you to fix the issue of your mobile phone quickly and efficiently.

Motorola Phone Screen Replacement, Repair

On almost all Motorola phones, particularly on newer models, the digitizer (touch screen), and the display screen, are separate components, so if you have damaged one, we can separate them and only replace the damaged screen. On other models, both screens are one component, so we need to replace both, regardless of which one is damaged. Either way, the screen replacement process usually takes one hour to be performed by one of our engineers.

Motorola Phone Data Port Repair

Phone not powering on or not charging? One of the more common reasons for this problem is a damaged data port. Commonly, we see oxidation of the port, or improper use of the charger as the main reasons for this problem to occur. If this is the part that is causing the problem, then we can have that replaced and back in perfect working order.

Motorola Phone Headphone Jack Replacement, Repair

Can’t hear anything through your headphones? Usually, the jack gets something stuck inside it which causes problems, or issues can be caused by oxidation or a short circuit.

Motorola Phone Earpiece Replacement, Repair

The earpiece is a small speaker above the screen, and is separate to the speaker used on loudspeaker. This part takes one of our engineers two hours to replace.

Motorola Phone Water Damage Repair

Drop your phone into water or get it wet somehow? On phones that are water damaged, the first step is to clean the inside of the phone with deionized alcohol, to try and remove some of the oxidation. After this, we use ultrasonic sound waves to remove further oxidation from underneath chips on the main board, and get the phone back in working order.

Motorola Camera Repair

If the camera isn’t working on your Motorola phone, it could be due to some physical damage, or it may have malfunctioned somehow. Our technicians can replace the camera on your phone within a couple of hours, getting you back up and running in no time with a full warranty.

Motorola Phone Main Board Repair

If you’re Motorola phone isn’t powering on, and the issue is with the main board of the phone, our technicians can perform component level repairs to get your phone back up and running. Most repairs can be carried out within a couple of hours, and come with a full warranty.

Motorola Phone Battery Repair

If your battery isn’t lasting as long as it should, or used to, then you may need a Motorola phone battery replacement. This repair can be carried out within a couple of hours, and comes with a full warranty.

Call us today and we will get your phone fixed within a few hours.